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Small Town
Big Ambitions

A Journey of Personal Transformation

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, who would have imagined a country boy becoming a self-made millionaire by thirty-seven years of age? My name is Justin C. Howard, and here is the story of the young lad who built himself up from the ground up.

Chapters from the Book

Each chapter outlines a lesson to improve your life.

Included in the Book

Small Town Big Ambitions is a guide to success spurned by the life experiences of a young lad from a small town who became a millionaire.

14 Chapters

The book offers invaluable advice to people looking to learn how to improve themselves to better achieve their goals.


A remarkable book that you can read on your phone on the go!

About the Author

Justin Howard was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1975 and moved with his family to rural Ohio when he was three. Upon graduating from Greenville High School in 1995, he joined the navy. Three years later, he moved to California, where he worked as a carpet cleaner. He decided to move back to Ohio and shortly after began selling life insurance. He started building teams and life coaching too. The owner and CEO of the Howard Group, an agency with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, he now employs 200+ people. Married to his beloved wife Jenny, with whom he has two small sons, he lives with his family in Dayton, Ohio.

What Our Readers Say

Small Town Big Ambitions is the key to unlocking your true potential without reinventing the wheel. Here’s what the readers have to say.
“Small Town Big Ambitions helped me learn some important lessons that I already knew about, but the way it was presented with Justin’s own experiences really impacted me. I also dropped out of military training early on, and the book resonated so much with me. I am so grateful to Justin for sharing his story.”
-Hera Knowlings
“It is quite an interesting read. I couldn’t put it down, and I wasn’t much of a reader so that itself says a lot, I believe. The chapter on practicing to focus made me realize that I was missing out on so much information just because I didn’t have the focus to read and listen. I am now turning that around and committing to reading more too. Thanks, Justin!”
-Robert Kroll
“I picked up this book randomly, and now it has become the driving force for so much of the work I am putting into my life, personality, thoughts, and work. Quite an interesting read that really gave me the reality check I needed.”
-Leia Hurley


Small Town Big Ambitions Now

Ready to take on a new phase of life? Let Small Town Big Ambitions: A Journey of Personal Transformation be the driving force behind your new journey. Take the nuggets of wisdom offered by the life of Justin C. Howard to move your life forward.

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