Up until 2010, every 6 couples out of 10 were unhappy in their relationships and while things have changed a lot in the past decade, around 57% are still with their partners only for their looks. Keeping aside the domestic abuse and the many criminal offences related to intimate partners, the crux of a relationship relies on sexual and emotional satisfaction and mental peace.

The most recent statistics on American relationships show that 64% of American couples are happy in their romantic partnerships, meaning the new generation has a sound understanding of what they want from their partners. Unfortunately, not many people know when their relationship is failing and end up investing years in a partner who isn’t even worth it.

They are suffering from the classic case of late realization! If you are in the same bind, scroll down to read about the signs telling you to let go of a relationship:

1. You Are Not Genuine:

People pretend to be their best version when they meet potential partners. The problem starts when they continue this pretense after the first few dates and months. Your partner should boost your confidence and make you feel safe around them instead of pushing you into a life of hiding.

2. You Are Convincing Yourself A LOT:

If you have to remind yourself that you are happy and satisfied every other day, then maybe you are not either? Happiness should come from within, making each moment with your partner feel like a blessing.

3. You Don’t Want The Same Thing:

No matter the rules of modern love, you and your partner must want the same things in life. You should have the same school of thoughts, dreams, and ambitions to some extent. You can work out a few differences, but a lifetime of differences is bound to tire you out.

Take a page from self-made millionaire Justin Howard’s book, “Small Town, Big Ambitions: A Journey of Personal Transformation,” and put yourself first in your life. A relationship is only worthwhile if it supports your personal and professional growth, which goes both ways despite your sexuality or gender.

Bottom Line:

Relationships are tricky and never easy to manage, no matter what romcoms and Disney movies tell you. They are more messy than perfect, and that’s their beauty. However, healthy relationships always warrant your happiness and mental peace—something no one should ever have to compromise on.