Life is unpredictable—a fact recently reinforced by our run-in with the global pandemic. No one could have predicted the devastation caused by a virus that the majority had never even heard of. Everything from vacation plans to working at your dream company came to a screeching halt, so much so that people had no idea what to do with themselves for most of the year.

At last, when the shock of that catastrophe wore off, people started looking for ways to make the most out of a bad situation. Like any other crisis in life, the COVID-19 virus was both a danger and an opportunity to do things differently. Companies with billions stuck in revenue switched to the remote work model to keep up with health guidelines and remain functional.

Similar practices were observed across all industries and continents, cushioning the economic hit of a global catastrophe. Still, the pandemic wasn’t a singular occurrence, as human life is nothing but an amalgam of crises. Some go beyond our scope of understanding, but others are quite basic in their nature.

Here’s how you can make the most out of a bad situation or crisis on any given day:

1. Bad Situations Don’t Last Forever:

Like most things in life, crises have their expiry dates. You will not be down on your luck or stuck in terrible circumstances without a way out forever. Learn to look at a bad situation in parts and try to predict its course for momentary relief. Let it run its course without beating yourself down, and eventually, you’ll come out of the other end stronger than ever!

2. Don’t Overexert Yourself:

Once you realize that a situation is not going in your favor, it’s better to stop pushing yourself for a different outcome. Your sense of judgment should be strong enough to tell you when a crisis is burning you out and affecting your mental health.

3. Lower Your Expectation:

If you don’t expect anything from a situation, it will affect you less. When you are already prepared for the worst and have an exit strategy ready for implementation, you have not much to lose. Your low expectations can save you from a whole lot of disappointment and pain. This doesn’t mean you should be a pessimist but rather know all your risks and pitfalls.

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Bottom Line:

If you ever find yourself in a crisis, keep your eyes on the horizon and search for a silver lining. A little hope can go a long way in a situation that’s bound to drain the good sense out of you.