We’ve come a long way from rooting for conformity at the workplace for the sake of professionalism to now encouraging diversity and authenticity in expression to boost productivity. After trial and error, it has become apparent that employees work more efficiently when they are allowed to be themselves in a professional setting. They spend less time pretending and more time working, which benefits everyone involved in the transaction.

Apart from self-identity and expression, authenticity is widely related to trustworthiness and honesty. An individual is recognized for their dedication and honesty as much as they are for their opinions. People find them more credible and reliable and don’t mind collaborating with them when a situation calls for it.

Here’s how you can be your authentic self and be at peace with yourself and the people around you:

1. Deliver on Your Word:

Whenever you promise someone something, make sure to deliver on your promise no matter the circumstances. Don’t take your commitments lightly, nor look for excuses to wiggle out of your promises. Once you have given someone your word, you have given them a part of yourself; they are free to judge you based on the side you decide to show them.

2. Don’t Be a Pushover:

Sometimes people mistake politeness for weakness and resort to cheap tricks and exploitation. It’s necessary to set clear boundaries in personal and professional relationships, so people know you are someone with principles and are not to be messed with easily. Being authentic doesn’t mean you have to be unnecessarily nice; you have all the right to say no when a request makes you uncomfortable. Never commit under pressure, as it can sully your name in the long run.

3. Know Who You Are:

You can never be your authentic self if you keep changing your personality to please everyone around you. Don’t change yourself as per people and circumstances because, in the end, you will be left with nothing but confusion and a deplorable identity crisis. You can’t be friends with everyone, and not everyone might like you, so stick with what works for you and stop pushing yourself to achieve the impossible.

If it’s self-improvement you seek, you can do that by asking for feedback. Constructive feedback can go a long way in the search for authenticity.

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Bottom Line:

Being your authentic self takes you a long way on the road to success—something that not many people understand when starting out as an adult. They try to mold their personality into what’s popular and eventually lose what makes them unique.